Memorial Day

Memorial day was our very last day in Utah. We spend the day over at Mimi and Amir's complex with lots of food and a nice cool pool for the hot day. It turned out to be a great farewell with lots of family and friends to say goodbye.

Diego started the day off playing his favorite sport (baseball if you didn't know) while we waited for everyone to show up. As soon as everyone got there we grilled some delicious meat, ate our hearts out and headed to the pool. The pool was Diego's absolute favorite. He probably spent 3 hours just swimming around. Every time I would ask him if he was hungry or if we wanted to get out he would just say; No, its ok I am swimming.

We loved spending our last day having a great time with our family. Definitely being apart from so many loved ones will be the hardest part.

Farewell UTAH

I never imagined what this day was going to be like, part of me always knew moving to a different place was a possibility, but I never bothered to think about it because it always seemed too distant in the future. This time actually came, and calling Utah our home has come to an end.

Leaving a place I was confortable with, where I had my dears sisters close by, and where I was happy and content with things all figured out was hard. This is not new to me, its been 8 years since I left the Dominican Republic. Much has changed since then, and even though I have faced struggles, and difficult times it has been 8 wonderful years of personal growth and great blessings.

It was in Utah where I learned how to grow up, how to rely on the Lord for guidance and strength. It was in Utah where I obtained a great education, but most importantly where I married my husband David and together started our family. 10 years ago I would have never imagined the things I would experienced, good thing the Lord always knew so I trusted Him. What a great life, what great lessons learned, how many blessings.

Yesterday I looked at those wonderful mountains that have been part of my view for the past 8 years, and I bid farewell to them. I thank them not only for their beauty, but also for what they represent. 8 years of my own personal mountains to climb, 8 years of growth, of sacrifice, of progress. They represent my own personal transformation into the person that I am today.

Today I can say goodbye with no regrets, and although its an end to a chapter in my life it only means its the start of a new one. but with my family by my side change is not too scary. I close my eyes and know I can do hard things because Christ is by my side and He makes it all better.

I know wherever we are its where the Lord wants us to be. I am excited for this new chapter in our lives, and for the things that will come. To all those we are leaving behind: I love you, you will always be in my heart, and for those family members whom I know I will be seeing although not so often, I will cherish every moment  I spent with you, and I will forever be grateful for being with you during that time. Until next time!

Goodbye Utah, Hello Boston!

Crazy Month of May

I wrote this a few weeks ago, and never actually posted it. This month is barely making its appearance, and we are already welcoming it with a full list of crazy events ALL happening at the same time. We are grateful David's graduation is already a reality, and its a thing of the past, not because it wasn't important (don't get me wrong, this is HUGE) but because its one more thing we made it through with flying colors.

Lots of fun/exciting/nerve-wrecking things are about to happen for the Valenzuela family, and will come in this order:

Thesis writing
Hawaii trip
Thesis Defense
Moving to Boston

People often ask me, how I have managed to be in school while my husband was in school, take care of kids and a home, fulfill church responsibilities, write thesis and still retain my sanity. All I have to say is that I have seen the Lord's hand reach out to me. There is no way, I have been able to do the things I have without his help, he is the reason why all of this is possible.